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Once again, Monaco performed a terrible start of the current season. The previous time, it was extremely difficult for the team of this small principality to preserve a position in the French championship elite division. This time again, the situation begins to develop uneasily for Jardim’s trainees.

Defeats in the first two rounds have become a logical demonstration of the fact that the Monegasques are still playing the last season. Failed games with outsiders also result from psychological problems that the team faced. At the same time, Monaco was active in the transfer market in summer and made a number of intriguing transactions, with the central one being Ben Yedder.

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There are losses as well. Thus, in a live football match, Tielemans and Sidibe will no longer help the Monegasques, since they left to the Premier League teams – Leicester and Everton respectively.

Current Ligue 1 table

However, despite the obviously terrible start of the new season, Monaco still has chances to turn the tide, since they are just at the beginning of the championship. But the problem is that they need to improve the Ligue 1 table position right now. Otherwise, the Monegasques risk postponing solving the tasks to the very last rounds.

Among the team’s potential strengths that should help it to rise in the standings, there are:

  1. Great selection of players. If you look at the Monaco squad, you will understand that this team should combat for places in the Champions League zone, instead of doing its best to keep its place in the elite division.
  2. Extensive experience of the coaching staff. Jardim has brought his team to the Champions League semi-final and to the French Championship gold medals. He is able to get the most of the team and solve the tasks once again.
  3. Personal skills of the team key stars, who can often seal the play fate almost alone.

This makes it possible to believe that the team will be able to make a qualitative leap up the Ligue 1 table. However, to achieve this, the team needs to start earning points right now and become more stable, since “Monaco” shows its best game from time to time only, which is the main reason for such unsatisfactory results demonstrated by once one of the best French and European teams.

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