List of new traffic fines in Saudi Arabia in 2020

Due to increased traffic fines for different violations, it is very important to check the list of new traffic fines in Saudi Arabia updated in 2020. The traffic fines are divided into 8 categories as follows:

Category 1: SR 20,000 to SR 60,000

Category 1 is newly introduced in which a traffic fine of SR 20,000 to SR 60,000 is imposed on the offender in Saudi Arabia along with 24 traffic violation points.

  1. SR 20,000 fine for drifting for the first time.
  2. SR 40,000 fine for drifting for the first time.
  3. SR 60,000 fine for drifting for the first time.

Category 2: SR 5,000 to SR 10,000

SR 5,000 to SR 10,000 fine is imposed on the offenders in 2020 who fall under category 2 of the traffic violation. 

  1. Hiding the special features of the vehicle.
  2. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs + 24 traffic violation points.
  3. Carrying out road-works before notifying the relevant authorities.

Category 3: SR 3,000 to SR 6,000

The traffic violations which come under the category is fined with SR 3,000 to 6,000.

  1. Not stopping while the red traffic light was on.
  2. Non-stopping completely at the stop signal.
  3. Driving a vehicle without a number plate or an illegal or forged plate. 
  4. Installing equipment on the vehicle which is used in official and emergency vehicles.
  5. Overtaking school buses when they stop to load or unload + 4 traffic violation points.
  6. Tampering with traffic regulating signs.
  7. Using unauthorized devices inside the vehicle.
  8. Fixing logos or posters contrary to public morals.
  9. Loading trucks without safety measures.
  10. Driving in the opposite direction of the road + 12 traffic violation points.

Category 4: SR 1,000 to SR 2,000

As per the new update in the traffic violations list, the category 4 violation fine ranges from SR 1,000 to SR 2,000.

  1. Standing or Stopping on railway tracks + 6 traffic violation points.
  2. Carrying more than the allowed number of passengers in a car.
  3. Not complying with road-limits marked on the lanes or driving in the yellow lane/shoulder.
  4. Leaving vehicles on public roads.
  5. Refusing to present Istimara and Iqama upon the request.
  6. Not able to export a vehicle within the prescribed time.
  7. Not wearing a helmet when riding a motorbike + 2 traffic violation points.

new traffic fines in saudi arabia

Category 5: SR 500 to SR 900

In the category 5 of traffic violations, a fine of SR 500 to SR 900 is imposed on offenders.

  1. Driving a vehicle without a driving license.
  2. Exceeding the speed limit by more than 25 km/h. 
  3. Not using headlights at night or while driving in bad weather conditions.
  4. Using the siren of emergency vehicles unnecessarily.
  5. Violating the car tinting rules.
  6. Maneuvering in high speed between vehicles + 8 traffic violation points.
  7. Overtaking vehicles in curves and uphill(s).
  8. Uncovering, untying transported loads + 4 traffic violation points.
  9. Not stopping at the signal with the sign driving priority ahead.
  10. Violating traffic police hand signals while organizing traffic + 8 traffic violation points.
  11. Endangering lives by driving a vehicle without breaks.
  12. Driving a vehicle inside tunnels without lights.
  13. Using mobile phones by hand while driving + 2 traffic violation points.

Category 6: SR 300 to SR 500

People who commit the category 6 traffic violations are imposed with a fine from SR 300 to SR 500.

  1. Exceeding the speed limit by not more than 25 km/h. 
  2. Driving at a check post with more than 25 kph speed + 4 traffic violation points.
  3. Making an illegal amendment to a vehicle's body + 4 traffic violation points.
  4. Driving a vehicle that pollutes the environment.
  5. Not complying with traffic regulations at road intersections + 6 traffic violation points.
  6. Using a vehicle for unlicensed purposes.
  7. Seating passengers in the vehicle in places other than those specified for them.
  8. Leaving objects on public roads that endanger public safety.
  9. Allowing no movement priority for VIP or emergency vehicles.
  10. Using expired license.

Category 7: SR 100 to SR 300

After the 2020 new update in the list of traffic rules, people who commit category 7 violations in Saudi Arabia are fined between SR 100 to SR 300.

  1. Nose Picking while Driving.
  2. Not equipping trailers as required by regulations.
  3. Driving a vehicle without Fahas.
  4. Infringing rules by using strong lights.
  5. Parking on public roads without safety precautions.
  6. Putting bars inside the vehicle that prevent driver vision.
  7. Driving without a valid Istimara.
  8. Leaving the vehicle on a sloping road without handbrake.
  9. Driving without the transfer of vehicle ownership.
  10. Driving a vehicle without a seatbelt + 2 traffic violation points.
  11. Non-using safety seats meant for children.
  12. Misusing the vehicle's horn.
  13. Driving within lanes not intended for driving + 4 traffic violation points.
  14. When animal owners do not keep their animals away from the road.
  15. Not using indicators while changing a lane.
  16. Unnecessarily sudden use of brakes.

Category 8: SR 100 to SR 150

The minimum fine imposed for any traffic violation in Saudi Arabia is SR 100 which comes under category 8.

  1. Throwing any objects outside the vehicle while it is moving.
  2. Getting off or riding into a vehicle while it is moving.
  3. Pedestrians crossing roads from places other than those allocated to them.
  4. Pedestrian’s non-compliance with signals defined for them.
  5. Slowing down driving in a manner that impedes the smooth flow of traffic.
  6. Parking in places defined for special needs people.
  7. Driving the car without valid insurance.
  8. Leaving a car with the engine running.

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