List of Top 5 Best Gyms and Sports Clubs in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

We can completely understand that the very last thing that you want to do in this intense heat is to go and sweat some more. However, these 5 gyms in Jeddah will motivate you to get off of your couch and work on your fitness. If you are living in Riyadh, you must be interested in the list of top 10 Gyms and Sports Clubs in Riyadh.

Z Club: The Z Club is marketing themselves as the first ever VIP club in Jeddah. It is considered as a very prestigious and exclusive clubhouse in Jeddah. The facilities at Z Club include a restaurant, swimming pools, spa, lounges and various other amenities and services.[irp]

Another thing worth mentioning is that the Gym is in accordance with modern standards and also enhanced by trained professionals. Contact Info: +966-12-6690204

Gold’s Gym: Quite possibly one of the most famous and best gym chains in the world, Gold’s Gym had opened their first branch in Venice, California back in 1965. Around 5 years later, Gold’s Gym is now catering to more than 3 million members across 22 different countries around the world.

In the city of Jeddah alone, Gold’s Gym has 7 branches and anybody does not need to wonder why the Gold’s Gym provides their members with exciting classes, dedicated trainers as well as state of the art equipment. Contact Info:

  • +966-12-2282830 (Tahlia Street Branch, Females only)
  • +966-12-2282882 (Al Zahra District Branch, Males only)

Curves Gym: Curves Gym had exploded on to the health and fitness scene with a brand new innovative concept that had satisfied everyone i.e. you are in and out of the gym in a total time of 30 minutes. In these modern times, time is the major issue for everyone.

I don’t have time, is a common phrase used by many as an excuse for not going to the gym or working on their fitness. By setting a workout routine under 30 minutes, the Curves gym has made working out feasible for everybody who does not have a lot of free time on their hands.

Unfortunately, the Curves Gym is currently only available for females. Contact Info: +966-12-2064570 (King Road Branch)

Olympia Health Club: What had originally been conceived as the Health Promotion Center at the Fakieh Hospital in Jeddah, the Olympia Health Club had opened up to the general public after they noticed that it had been gaining massive attention not only from the patients of the hospital but also other people looking to work on their fitness.

Olympia currently caters to women, men and children. Children can also make good use of their time with the after-school activities and Sports camps during the summer months which are offered by Olympia. Contact Info: +966-12-6655000 Extension: 1501 / 03

Fitness Time: Fitness Time is a true 100 percent Saudi Company which is one of the main aspects which make it an excellent choice. Fitness Time lists down ten various reasons as to why you should join the gym, which includes convenience, value, friendliness, loyal service and also a commitment to improvement.

Fitness time has six brands which offer something unique than the other. Contact Info: 920003131 (unified number)

Source: Destination KSA

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