List of Shipping Companies in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The basic services being provided by the shipping companies range from Chemical tankers, Cargo Shipping Services, Vehicle carrier’s services, Cargo shipping and Freight Shipping Services.

The government must obtain maximum benefit of having access to the port and should convert it into a profitable venture. The current government is placing high importance on the growth and potential of the industry.

Major ports and harbors are operating near the coastlines of the two previously mentioned water bodies in Saudi Arabia and are fully managed and supervised by the Saudi Ports Authority.

From all the ports and harbors, a few are highly notable due to their positioning and the inflow and outflow of products. Weight was also given to the ports which have foreign company products being exchanged.

The costs associated with using the ports and harbors were according to the international regulations and the tariff was set according to the nature of the various shipping companies.

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List of Other Shipping Companies in Saudi Arabia

Shipping Company NamesContact Details
Wilhelmsen Ship ServicesBarwil Agencies Ltd for Shipping & Trading, P O Box 21663, Riyadh 11485, Saudi Arabia
+966 1 4773 945
[email protected]
The National Shipping Company Of Saudi Arabia (bahri)Bahri Building #569, Sitteen Street, Malaz Area, P O Box 8931, Riyadh 11492, Saudi Arabia
+966 1 478 5454
[email protected]
Shipping & Logistics Company LimitedAl Akariya, 3rd Complex, Olaya Main Street, P O Box 54898, Riyadh 11524, Saudi Arabia
+966 1 460 1759
[email protected]
Shell Overseas Services LimitedP O Box 16996, Riyadh 11474, Saudi Arabia
+966 1 476 2710
Saudi Maritime CompanyP O Box 16127, Riyadh 11464, Saudi Arabia
+966 3 403 3921
[email protected]
Oriental Commercial & Shipping Company LimitedP O Box 20638, Riyadh 11465, Saudi Arabia
+966 1 4037 818
[email protected]
Oceanic Trans Shipping CompanyP O Box 26240, Riyadh 11486, Saudi Arabia
  +966 1 4648 505
[email protected]
Munawla Cargo Company LimitedRiyadh, Saudi Arabia
+966 1 473 1231
[email protected]
Mercantile Shipping Agencies LimitedKanoo Building, Old Airport Road, P O Box 753, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
+966 1 4788932
[email protected]
Matthews-daniel GroupMatthews-Daniel International, P O Box 4767, Riyadh 11412, Saudi Arabia
+966 1 462 0066
Kanoo Shipping Agencies (yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo & Company)Kanoo Tower, P O Box 753, Riyadh 11421, Saudi Arabia
+966 1 4772 228
[email protected]
International Associated Cargo CarrierP O Box 74, Riyadh 11411, Saudi Arabia
+966 1 4632 981
[email protected]
Haji Abdullah Alireza & Company LimitedShipping Department, P O Box 40233, Riyadh 11499, Saudi Arabia
+966 1 4762 842
[email protected]
Gulf Agency Company Saudi ArabiaAlgosaibi Building, Al Dhabab Street, Olaya, P O Box 74, Riyadh 11411, Saudi Arabia
+966 1 463 2981
[email protected]
Globe Marine Services CompanyAl Akariyah Building 3, 4th Floor, Suite 402, Olaya Main Street, P O Box 54898, Riyadh 11524, Saudi Arabia
+966 1 460 0390
[email protected]
Arabian Inspection And Survey CompanyP O Box 4767, Sittin Street, Riyadh 11412, Saudi Arabia
+966 1 479 4497
[email protected]
Arabian Establishment For Trade & Shipping Limited1st Floor Apartment No.104/105, Old Akhariya Building, Sitteen Street, P O Box 4767, Riyadh 11412, Saudi Arabia
+966 1 4794 497
[email protected]
Arabian Agricultural Services CoOffice 625 at Akaria #2, Olaya Street, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
+966 1 4191933 / 3 8123456 / 3 8591171
[email protected]
Arab Commercial Enterprises Limited (ace)Al-Sudairy Building, Sitteen Street (Near Gulf Bridge), P O Box 667, Riyadh 11421, Saudi Arabia
+966 1 4774070
[email protected]
Al-barrak Shipping Agencies Company Limited1st Floor, Al Saheel Building, Sitheen Street, P O Box 8047, Riyadh 11482, Saudi Arabia
+966 1 206 5364
[email protected]
Al Zafer Wings Cargo Services CompanyP O Box 6048, Riyadh 11442, Saudi Arabia
+966 1 478 8849
[email protected]


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