List of Residential Compounds in Riyadh

Looking out for a place to stay? Anyone? Well, this might just be your lucky day then. I will be discussing endless advantages of living in a residential compound. You heard it, right fellows, when it comes to settling down, the residential compound is the best decision you can ever come up with.

Let me now come to the never-ending benefits of a residential compound. Recommended: 10 Things to do in Western Compounds of Saudi Arabia.

In search of some privacy? Then let me inform you that the compound is an entire set of villas/apartments that are surrounded by high walls, barbed wires, and armed gunmen.

Want to taste some freedom? Then this is just the place for you. Saudi expats experience a lot of enjoyment here of all sorts; life inside the compound means total freedom. Most westerns over here live on large resort-like compounds where there is no one to tell you how to dress up.

Feel like wearing shorts or bikini and going for a swim? Well, ]that’s totally up to you then! This area is that one place where none of the mutawwa’s (religious policemen) will be coming around and telling you what to do When I say no restrictions I mean it.

They cannot bother the residents but outside the compound premises, rules are supposed to be strictly followed as there are no compensations for that since rules are rules and everyone has to abide by them. Recommended: 6 benefits of living in a western compound for Women in Saudi Arabia

Transportation is arranged for residents planning to go for shopping as there are buses hired for them. Not only shopping but transportation is provided for children studying in major schools and as far as kids are concerned, compounds have on-site pre-school for them which makes working conditions easier for the parents.

Freedom of dressing up: Women are allowed to move freely in the compound without an abaya or a hijab.

Facilities: There are also never-ending facilities present for the residents be it in terms of fitness, family hangouts or everyday grocery shopping. There is a basketball court, tennis court, gym, swimming pool, bowling alley, golf course, a function hall, mini supermarket and even recreational departments which organize fun activities to keep all the residents entertained. I mean what else do you even need?

Residential Compound is an expensive option in Saudi Arabia: On the other hand compounds can be a bit expensive but in search of a place to live, do not get attracted towards cheap rated houses where you won’t feel contended since the entire package of residential compound does come with never ending benefits and you wouldn’t want to go somewhere else and then regret later now do you?

Just for your extra knowledge allowances play a major part of one’s employment contract negotiation, so be quite sure before you pick up that pen so that you don’t have to pay a huge percentage of your salary on housing and hidden expenses.

A must read in before signing the contract is “Factors to consider before signing a contract” So if you ever plan to live in a residential compound or shift here since you just got tempted, make sure you get your name noted down because there is quite a long list waiting there. We have provided a list of residential compounds in Jeddah below.

Al-Hamra Oasis Village Compound Location: Exit 9, Dammam Road Tel: 2490440 Email: [email protected]

Al-Jazeerah Bader – Super Deluxe Villas Location: Al-Rayan, Opp Khurais Road, Opp. Yamamah Hospital Tel: 4921135

Al-Manar Compound Location: Al Nadheem, Old Dammam Highway, Exit 36 Tel: 2460100

Al-Mohaeya Compound – Only for Arabs Location: Wadi Laban, Close to Diplomatic Quarters Tel: 4821222

Al-Nakheel Residence – Las Palmeras Village Location: Thakassusi St., Near Dallah Hospital Tel: 4703707 Email: [email protected]

Al-Ola #7 Location: Al Olaya, Abdullah Hamdan St., Between Thalateen & Tahleyah St. Tel: 4607704, 4608095 Email: [email protected]

Al-Ola Real Estate Location: Al Sulaymaniyah, Al-Oruba Rd., Musaed Al Angary Street Tel: 4607704, 4608095 Email: [email protected]

Al-Wadi Esatate-Villas Rosas Location: Opp. King Saud University Tel: 4864711, Ext: 249 Email: [email protected]

Al-Waha Estate – An Annexe Estate – Villas Rosas Location: Opp King Saud University Tel: 4864711, Ext: 249 Email: [email protected] Official

Al-Yamama Resorts, Chalets, & Water Park Location: Al-Kharj Road

Tel: 2240022, 2241440

Arabian Homes Co. Ltd. Location: Al Mursalat, King Abdullah Road Tel: 4541888 Email: [email protected]

Arizona Golf Resort  Location: Airport Rd., After Exit 8, Local Traffic Rd., After Fal compound Tel: 2484444 Email: [email protected] Official Asasco Village Compound Location: Al Olaya, Musaed Al-Angary St. Tel: 4199000 Email: [email protected]

Cordoba Oasis Village Compound Location: Exit 8 from City Centre, Airport Rd., Opp. Al Imam University Tel: 2483471 Email: [email protected]

Delta #1 Estate – Villas Rosas Location: Opp King Saud University Tel: 4864711, Ext: 249 Email: [email protected]

Delta #2 Estate – Villas Rosas Location: Opp. King Saud University Tel: 4864711, Ext: 249 Email: [email protected]

Eid Villas Compound Location: Ghernata, Airport Road, East of Exit 9 Tel: 2483366, 2493400 Email: [email protected]

Fal Compound Location: Near Arizona Golf Resort, after Exit 8 Tel: 2485847 Email: [email protected]

Granada Village Location: Gharnata, Exit 9, Behind Eid Villas Tel: 2488387

Green City Compound Location: Near Thakassusi Junction, Near Sheraton Hotel Tel: 4708880

Jadawel Compound Location: Al Roudah, Nafa Bin Ogba St., Tel: 2406000 Email: [email protected]

Kingdom City Compound Location: Old Airport Road, Next to Kingdom Hospital Tel: 2750275

Khuzama Village Location: Khuzama District, Within less than a mile from Diplomatic Quarters in Riyadh. Tel: 01 481 2646 Contact Person: AbdulAziz Elayan Email: [email protected]

Najd Compound Location: Ghernata, Exit 9 Tel: 2481040 Email: [email protected]

Palm Compound Location: Near King Saud University Tel: 4829093

Palm Court Location: King Fahd Highway, Exit 2 Tel: 4850288

Rabwa Compound – Al Mutlaq Group Location: Khurais Road, Exit 13A Tel: 4931741 Email: [email protected]

Ranco Village Location: Naseem Area, Near Al-Yamama Hospital Tel: 4924411, Ext: 600 Email: [email protected]

Riyadh Village  Location: Al Nadheem, Khurais Rd., Exit 36 Tel: 2462400

Roc Compound Location: Al Silay, Exit 16 Tel: 2412800 Email: [email protected]

Sahara Towers Residential Compound Location: Olaya St., Near Jarir Bookstores Tel: 4625666 Email: [email protected]

Seder Village Location: Al-Khaleej Area, Exit 10 Tel: 2280000 Email: [email protected]

Star Compound – Villas Rosas Location: Opp. King Saud University Tel: 4864711, Ext: 249 Email: [email protected]

Vinnell Arabia Location: Al Jinadriyah, Khurais Rd. Tel: 2463200

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