List of Popular Businesses That Accept Crypto

People of the modern days have developed a particular craze and curiosity towards various cryptocurrencies, Bitcoins being the most famous one. Even if you have got such an interest in invest in digital coins, have you ever thought about the future of cryptocurrencies?

With the increasing market demand and popularity of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoins, many renowned organizations and companies are showing interest to deal with Bitcoins.If you want to know which companies are they, this informative article has got you covered with loads of information.

Read on to know more to find out more about cryptocurrencies and the companies and brands that accept cryptocurrencies!

List of Companies That Deal With Cryptocurrencies  

Previously, people used to question the value of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in 2009 during their launches. But eventually, the CEO of various big brands and business entrepreneurs of multiple companies have already started to accept cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoins.

If you want to take a quick look at the list of such popular brands and businesses, read to know more in detail.

  • Microsoft:

One of the biggest brands and businesses that have started accepting various cryptocurrencies is Microsoft. Microsoft began to the cryptocurrency payment gateways ever since 2014, when most of the world was not aware of cryptocurrencies. The brand accepts cryptocurrency payments in various quantities in only gaming platforms, Microsoft phones, Xbox online gaming payments, etc.

It was a year of scandal for all the crypto enthusiasts due to the massive loss of Mt. Gox. A handful of people who tried to take an interest in cryptocurrency investments took several steps back due to a lack of security and assurance. Later, several car servicing companies and restaurants started accepting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins and Ethereum for transactional purposes.

  • PayPal:

Another powerful business brand that took advantage of cryptocurrency payment methods is PayPal. The only brand which could give a tough competition to Microsoft. The funny part of this entire competitive market is that PayPal started accepting Bitcoins in September 2014, whereas Microsoft began the same scheme in December 2014.

PayPal took this particular step even during the downtown trade market of Cryptocurrencies to draw in business. The brand did not want to attract a handful of consumers but heavy business brands to tie knots with. PayPal started earning huge profits eventually because customers had to pay lower prices for the products when they used Bitcoins for payment.

  • Overstock:

Overstock was the first one among all that started accepting Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in the first place. The company began almost nine months before PayPal even thought of taking the initiative in 2014. Before COVID hit the world, Overstock was already winning the game. Later on, big brands like Microsoft and PayPal followed.

After the pandemic, Overstock has become one of the biggest brands dealing in popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins and Ethereum. These events prove that cryptocurrencies can take small businesses to the peak of success. Before this incident, Overstock was not as popular as it is now.

  • Starbucks:

Yet another famous brand that took part in the Cryptocurrency revolution was none other than Starbucks. The brand is renowned for its business-centric ambiance and lovely Frappuccino’s. Etsy and Starbucks took almost the same initiatives for stepping into the revolution of digitalization and utilization of cryptocurrencies.

The company did not allow direct payment with Bitcoins over the counters but other alternative ways. If one had the online application of Starbucks on their cell phones or systems, they were allowed to add Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies in their digital wallets for purchasing gift cards for high discounts. Every time the same person would visit Starbucks, they would get to utilize those discount coupons and gift cards to lessen the prices of the products.

Apart from the above list of businesses or brands, other popular brands took initiatives to participate in the cryptocurrency revolution, like Etsy, Newegg, and Home Depot. You can now trade your Bitcoins, a high-performing trading platform for cryptocurrencies. However, the above incidents make one fact clear, no matter how big or small your business is, one major decision towards something big can easily make you the winner of the entire game, just like Overstocks!  

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