List of Tatam Clinics taking COVID19 patients in KSA

Many people with Coronavirus symptoms in Saudi Arabia do not know where they can go for the treatment. In this regard, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health has launched the Tataman Clinics or Fever Clinics that cater to those who are feeling the symptoms of COVID-19.

The following fever clinics are receiving citizens, residents, and or violators of the residency system who are experiencing symptoms of the new coronavirus such as high fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Ministry says that it would expand the number of clinics across the rest of the Kingdom’s provinces later on.

5642 List of Fever Clinics taking COVID19 patients in KSA

1) Riyadh-Sulaymaniyah Health Center

2) Riyadh-Asir Health Center

3) Riyadh-Badr Al Thani Health Center

4) Riyadh-Primary Health Care Center, Al-Oreija ‘Central District

5) Riyadh-Mansoura Health Center

6) Riyadh-Al-Manar Health Center

7) Riyadh-Al Moalmein Medical Center

8)Qassim-Al Fayziyah Eastern Health Care Center

9) Qassim-Tatamman Clinics in Al Badai General Hospital

10) Qassim-Tatamman Clinics in King Khalid Health Center

11) Qassim-Tatamman Clinics in Al Nabhaniyah Hospital

12) Qassim-Tatamman Clinics in Uglat Alsugoor Hospital

13) Qassim-Tatamman Clinics in Dariyah General Hospital

14) Qassim-Tatamman Clinics in Qusaiba Hospital

15) Qassim-Tatamman Clinics in Uyun Aljawa General New Hospital

16) Qassim-Tatamman Clinics in Al-Asyah Hospital

17) Qassim-Tataman Clinics in Al Bukayriyah Hospital

18) Qassim-Tataman clinics in Al Quba General Hospital

19) Makkah-Al-Khalidiya Health Center

20) Makkah-Al-Mansour Health Center

21) Makkah-Sharia Al-Mujahideen Health Center

22) Makkah-Primary Health Care Center in Hadda

23) Makkah-Abu Orwa Health Center

24) Jeddah-Tatamman Clinics in East Jeddah General Hospital

25) Jeddah-Tatamman Clinics in King Abdullah Medical Complex

26) Jeddah-Tatamman Clinics in King Fahd Hospital

27) Jeddah-Tatamman Clinics in King Abdulaziz Hospital

28) Jeddah-Tatamman Clinics in Al Thagher Hospital

29) Madinah-Al-Nasr Health Center

30) Madinah-Al-Daihata Health Center

31)Madinah-Al Khalidiya Health Center

Clinics are open 24/7 and do not require an appointment, thus, you may visit anytime.

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