List of best IT companies in Saudi Arabia

If you are a programmer, developer, designer, ERP consultant, or associated with any other IT profession, you should apply to all the best IT companies in Saudi Arabia. Job placement in any of these IT companies can change your life.

The IT industry is thriving in Saudi Arabia as you can see new applications and out of box solutions are surfacing to resolve your problems every day. The Saudi IT industry is expected to reach $27 billion in revenue by 2025.

1- Elevatus is an award-winning recruitment and video interviewing software streamlining the entire talent acquisition cycle – from creating job requisitions to onboarding new hires. Elevatus has helped 150+ enterprise companies from all around the world streamline their core recruitment functions through the power of AI, cutting-edge technologies, and futuristic recruiting solutions. Allowing them to beat the talent hunt, recruit more talented workforces, secure a paperless recruitment process, and transform their existing tech stack into a unified recruiting powerhouse.

2- Oracle is one of the biggest IT companies operating in Saudi Arabia. Oracle offers an integrated array of applications, databases, servers, storage, and cloud technologies to empower modern business.

3-, formerly, is an English-Arabic language e-commerce platform, owned by Amazon, Inc. It is the largest e-commerce platform in Saudi Arabia.

4. IBM Middle East.

5. SAP Middle East & North Africa.

6. Seidor Procons.

7. Global Knowledge.

8. Ali Bin Ali Group.

9. Fetchr.

10. Raqmiyat.

11. Saudi Business Machines (SBM).

12. Hewlett-Packard Middle East (HP).

13. Midis Group.

14. Cognizant.

15. Aconex.

16. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

17. Amadeus IT Group.

18. Arabic Computer Systems (ACS).

19. Lionbridge Global Sourcing Solutions Inc.

20. Bahwan Cybertek Group (BCT).

21. Security Matterz.

22. Cisco Systems.

23. Ratech.

24. EnGenius International.

25. Amaris.

26. Quorum International Search.

27. Sabre Holdings.

28. Computer and Systems Engineering Company (CSE).

29. International Systems Engineering (ISE).

30. Creative Technology Solutions.

31. Zyclyx Consulting Services.

32. Naseej.

33. Gemalto.

34. Nomd Technologies.

35. Dell Inc.

36. SGE Power FZE.

37. Norq Solutions.

38. Accenture Middle East.

39. MDS – Arabia Ltd.

40. Algosaibi Information Systems (AGIS).

41. Ez Alsahra Holding Company.

42. Universal Geomatics.

43. Premier Technology Company Limited.

44. Oxygen Middle East.

45. Al Moammar Information Systems.

46. BT Applied Technologies.

47. I2TC.

48. PrimePoint.

49. Tekla Middle East.

50. Bytes Technology Group Emirates.

51. PiLog Saudi International.

52. Resemble Systems.

53. UXBERT Labs.

54. Innertech.

55. Hobsons-Cisco.

56. Electronic Solutions House (ESH).


58. Netways.

59. Saudi Unicom for Communication Technology.

60. Pytron Consulting.

61. NOVAsat.

62. Advanced Operations Technology (AOT).

63. Taqat Technologies.

64. RASA Communication Company Limited.

65. Canar Office Systems.

66. Information Systems Global.

67. Gulf IT Network Distribution.

68. Location Solutions.

69. ABANA.

70. EARTech.

71. Global ITS.

72. Mars Innovations.

73. Cisco Systems – SAS London.

74. SETS Solutions.

75. Mawalej Information Systems Co. Ltd. (MISCO).

76. Sejel Technology.

77. Acuative.

78. EMPA Middle East.

79. Tech Data.

80. Al-Jehat Training Institute.

81. Arabian Advanced Systems (AAS).

82. Akka Technologies – France.

83. Qwaed Technologies.

84. Technology Control Company (TCC).

85. Business Management Company (BMC).

86. E-sar.

87. Diyar United Company.

88. AlNapedh Information Technology.

89. Teleperformance.

90. Taqneen Solutions LLC.

91. Dar Info Tech.

92. Malaz Technology.

93. ActiveMania.

94. Omar Kassem Alesayi Group.

95. Integration, Services and Technologies (IST).


97. Virtual Vision (Vsquare – V2).

98. AwalNet.

99. ICCSolutions.

100. Alhamrani Universal Company (AU).

101. Tatweer International.

102. Seclore.

103. CGI.

104. United Art Trading for I.T.

105. MainSys.

106. Clickworker.

107. MBUZZ.

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