List of Approved Translators in Jeddah

We know that in order to bring our family on permanent family visa or change profession on our Iqama, we have to attest degrees from Saudi Culture Office and Saudi Embassy of the country which issued that degree. It is not only degree; we also have to attest marriage certificate, birth certificate, and many other certificates so that it can be accepted by the Saudi Government Departments. However, mere attestation of degrees is not enough for the acceptance by the Saudi Government. You also need to translate the degree from one of the approved agents of Saudi Government and present it to the concerned department. Keeping in view the problems being faced by the expatriates in finding approved translator, today I am sharing with you the list of translators in Jeddah approved by the Saudi Government.[irp]

Al-Hada Translation Center: King Fahd Street, Aba Al-Khail Bldg., #402, PO Box 5296, Jeddah 21422, Telephone:  651-4919/653-1904, Fax:  651-9432

Aref Othman's Office for Translation: Al-Corniche Commercial Center, 5th Floor, #543, PO Box 3450, Jeddah 21471, Telephone:  644-3400, Fax:  643-7243

Hassan Al-Mahasany for Translation: Nakheel Center, 3rd Floor, PO Box 2256, Jeddah 2256, Telephone:  665-4353, Fax:  669-2996

Mohammed Nader Law and Translation Office: 19 Abu-Zinada St., Moshrifah, Behind Al-Sholla Center, PO Box 3595, Jeddah 21481, Telephone:  665-2067, Fax:  660-8709, Email:  [email protected]

Hassam Najm Translation Office: Bugami Building, 1st Floor, Palestine Road, PO Box 2711, Jeddah 21461, Telephone:  672-4391, Fax:  672-9189

Husam Aldeen H. Sadaka Translation Office: American Express Building, 4th Floor, Palestine Street, PO Box 1994, Jeddah 21441, Telephone:  667-1040 x180, Fax:  667-2129 (Attention:  Ismail).

Nusaiba International Translation Center: Adjacent to American Consulate, Palestine Street, PO Box 5320, Jeddah 21422, Telephone/Fax:  665-2747

Ahmed Zaki Yamani Translation & Law Office: Shakir Building, Room 302, Hail Street, PO Box 1351, Jeddah 21431, Telephone:  642-9551 / 9550, Fax:  643-7510, Email:  [email protected]

Al-Sajini Translation Office: Madinah Road, Sari Street, Hamid Center, 3rd Floor, #12, PO Box 17128, Jeddah 21484, Telephone:  682-0294, Fax:  682-5106

Translation Office Center: Madinah Commercial Center, 1st Floor, #15, PO Box 12507, Jeddah 21507, Telephone:  660-6848

Golden Lines Translation Office: Sari Street, Alfanous Stationery Building, by Marhaba Souk, 1st floor, Office # 102, PO Box 53761, Jeddah 21593, Telephone:  698-8440, Fax:  698-4484

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