List of approved labs for PCR test in Saudi Arabia

Many countries have been asking for a PCR test issued 48 to 96 hours before the flight from Saudi Arabia. In this regard, the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) has released a list of approved laboratories for the PCR tests for the flights from Saudi Arabia.

GACA circular for List of approved laboratories for PCR test for Saudi ArabiaList of approved labs for PCR test – flights from Saudi Arabia

Here is a list of laboratories approved by the Ministry of Health for the PCR test in Saudi Arabia. However, it is still recommended to check from the airline for the laboratory.

Al Habib Medical GroupRiyadh
Mouwasat HospitalRiyadh
Smart Lab CompanyRiyadh
Al Farabi LaboratoryRiyadh
Specialized Medical Center HospitalRiyadh
Dallah Hospital Riyadh
Al Dara Medical CenterRiyadh
Hayat National HospitalRiyadh
Arab Medical Laboratories Riyadh
Al Habib Medical GroupJeddah
IMC HospitalJeddah
House of Medicine LaboratoryJeddah
Suleiman Fakieh HospitalJeddah
GNP Hospital Jeddah
Jeddah National HospitalJeddah
Al Borg Medical LaboratoriesDammam
Mouwasat HospitalDammam
Dar Afia Medical ComplexDammam
Al Habib Medical GroupDammam
Al Borg Medical LaboratoriesTabuk
Al Moousa Special HospitalAl Ahsa
Al Borg Medical LaboratoriesKhamis Mushayat
Almana General HospitalKhobar
Al Habib Medical GroupQassim

List of approved labs for PCR test - flights from Saudi Arabia

List of approved labs for PCR test - flights from Saudi Arabia

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