“Life is back to normal, I forgive and forget at the same time” – Prince Waleed

Prince Waleed Bin Talal a member of Saudi Royal Family and a well-known billionaire of the Kingdom gave an exclusive interview to Bloomberg Television in which he was asked about his life before and during his detention and after his release.

As we all know he was among the people who were arrested in November 2017 by the anti-corruption committee Chaired by Crown Prince. Prince Waleed was released from Ritz Carlton prison after two months in prison.

Being one of the prominent members of the royal member everyone eyes were upon him. Firstly, he talked about the rumors that spread after his detention throughout the media and false articles that were published in certain newspapers like Wall Street Journal and New York Times and some articles that were reported by CNBC.

However, he said that all hurt him a lot and as a Saudi Citizen he will not accept anything, not even iota of having Saudi Arabia being touched with false rumors, innuendo, and heresy and clarified all the things as well as his position in the Kingdom.

He said the word arrest should be used for those who did commit a crime and admitted their guilt but his case is quite different, he was never arrested and was never charged for anything. He was called by the Crown Prince and was asked to move to Ritz Carlton.

On the other hand, he denied the news of being tortured in the Ritz Carlton hotel. He said doctor usually come for a checkup in Ritz Carlton and stressed on the fact that he was given the best service of food, resident, medication by the Crown Prince.

He assured to carry out his responsibilities as a shareholder in Kingdom and many oversee communities. He said the whole ordeal was a clear misunderstanding which is now completely vindicated and explained he is neither a corrupted person nor the member of the Government.

He refused the rumors about a settlement between him and Prince Mohammad bin Salman and said he just signed an agreement that was totally based on mutual understanding.

He said, “Unfortunately, I was added to that corrupted group. But fortunately, I’m out of it now and life is back to normal. So I’m not the person who says I forgive but don’t forget. I say I forgive and I forget the same time.”

He assured that he never left Ritz Carlton and was always there and the reports that they got an American special team for torture was a lie and the funniest and the silliest thing.

However, he denied all the reports that were issued by the BBC during his stay at the Ritz. He was allowed to make calls to his son, daughter, and granddaughter and to the heads of his companies and said that he forgot his mobile phone along with his private bag in the car and it was not taken from him.

Prince Waleed was asked some more question to which he replied, he is allowed to travel and he is not worried about the government monitoring him and is allowed to use his bank accounts.

He highlighted and stressed the fact multiple times that everything is back to normal and he is back to his normal life nothing has changed in his life he is not restrained from doing anything.

When he was asked about being held captives by his own cousin to which he said at when he left he felt very strange but then he gathered all the seniors in my companies and all my close confidants and told them about complete serenity, comfort, and no grudge and no bad feelings at all.

He appreciated the press release that was released by Bill Gates about him and thanked all the nationals and internationals that cared about him.

He was supportive to the Kingdom, Government, King Salman, and Prince Salman all the way before, during and after detention and said I will support Saudi Arabia, that’s my country and said to stood beside with Crown Prince in his Vision 2030 as because his vision really took many of his ideas.

He ended his interview by admiring President’s Trump’s policies, saying relations with Trump is a good deal and will have a good impact on our Kingdom.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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