Learning the Bitcoin Cycle

The first blockchain currency for digital trading and investing was created a long time back in 2009. Since then, many different cryptos have been introduced to the market. However, Bitcoin home page is the most popular and the most expensive in today’s digital trading market. Since the first introduction of bitcoin, millions of people have invested in it. Some got lucky and became millionaires and stayed in that position, and some went to lose their money but came back eventually to theirprosperous state. Now, after bitcoin’s colossal success across the globe, many other cryptos have flooded the digital market but no-hit the highs that bitcoin hit. Ethereum came close, but bitcoin reigned supreme, though some cryptos showed growth up to 1000% to 2000% like bitcoin from their base value.

But the market for digital trading has always been under many questions as it is volatile and non-regulated. But the main question by the new generation of investors is whether it is too late to invest in the crypto market or specifically in bitcoin. This is mainly because of the highs reached by bitcoin and other coins. So, crypto investors are always in doubt whether the prices will come down or will it keep growing so that they can make a good return on their investment. But no one can ever guarantee whether the digital currency will suddenly rise or fall; things may happen suddenly or may take a long time to show any form of progress as it is not backed by any government or financial institutions or firms, so the digital currency is neither defined properly, nor it is regulated.

 Will the Governments move against it or not?

 As the digital currency market is highly volatile and not backed by any financial firms, the chances of staying non-regulated are very high. One of the main questions regarding the crypto market is whether governments worldwide will go against digital currencies and shut down the production and acceptance of coins. China is one of the countries that went strictly against all sorts of bitcoin mining and trading. Though some countries are going toward accepting the value and need of cryptocurrency, because of what China did to bitcoin, the value of bitcoin came crashing down. There were multiple reasons for this crackdown, but the primary reason is that countries like China must have plans of coming out with their own cryptocurrency or cryptocurrencies. Because the primary focus is to uplift the Chinese economy by keeping their crypto on the limelight. Not just China, other countries are slowly following in their footsteps, namely countries like Estonia, Singapore, and Iran. They also have launched their crackdowns on bitcoin mining. So, if it continues, the already established bitcoin and other crypto markets might go down forever.

Is it too late to invest in crypto?

Though the value of the crypto has gone down from its all-time high stage, the matter may see a hike at any time. Cryptocurrency is the unoptimized digital version of the stock market. This might be the best time to invest in bitcoin as the prices have dropped and they are on sale. The value of bitcoin has gone down to around 62000 USD, with other cryptos going down the same path. So the rise of investors in the cryptocurrency market has risen by quite a lot, from investing in all smaller cryptos to heavily investing in bitcoin.

There are also plenty of skeptics who think that crypto is just an asset with no actual market value and no value for exchanging currencies. Now, as the investments are mainly based on speculation about the rise and fall of the digital currency market, it has no long-term viability as an asset class. So as many big financial firms or banks refuse to give up any of their monetary policies on monopoly, there is always a chance that bitcoin may go down to a state where it becomes valueless.

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