Saudi FM: Saudi Arabia is reviewing dependents’ fee

In a recent podcast interview, Saudi Finance Minister Mohammed Al-Jadaan said that the Saudi government is reviewing the dependent fee for expats. The move is in light of its vision to attract new talents to the Saudi market.

Every expat must pay SR 400/month for each dependent to renew their Iqama. For example, someone with a wife and three children must pay an SR 19,200 dependent fee for the Iqama renewal. – Saudi Gazette

Saudi Finance Minister Mohammed Al-Jadaan

Will Saudi Arabia reduce the fee?

This is not the first time a government official has made such a statement. Here is the list of statements made before in this regard.

Dec 29, 2020: Eng. Nabih Al-Barahim, a member of the Shoura Council, called on the Ministry of Economy and Planning to carry out a comprehensive and detailed study on the impact of imposing the dependent fee on expats in Saudi Arabia.

Feb 10, 2020: The Shoura Council called on the Ministry of Commerce to carry out a study about the possibility of retaining the fee for expatriates and their dependents at the level of 2019 for the fiscal year of 2020.

Jan 28, 2019: Minister of Finance Muhammad Al-Jadaan said that the government has no intention of changing the expatriates’ or dependent’s fees.

Dec 30, 2019: Members of the Shoura Council called to carry out studies on the negative impact of the dependent fee imposed on expatriates.

Nov 03, 2019: In response to the Shoura proposal, the Ministry of Finance said there would be no change in the dependent fee. They said the government is already budgeting a lower revenue for 2020 than in 2019. In this scenario, there is no chance of reducing the dependent fee in Saudi Arabia. 

Oct 16, 2019: The Shoura Council called to carry out a study to keep the dependents fee on expatriates for the fiscal year of 2020 at the same level as what is being charged for the current year.

Dec 25, 2018: Mohammad Al Jaddan announced that there is no intention to change the expatriate fee policies.

Nov 06, 2017: The Ministry of Finance denied social media reports and rumors claiming the dependent fee will be reduced. He also denied that expatriates are angry with the imposition of the fee.

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