MOL bans expat dependents from Engineering Jobs

Engineering Jobs have been banned

HRSD Ministry has banned the change of profession from an expat dependent to an engineer. The following two types of transfer of sponsorship have been prohibited;

  1. Iqama transfer of an expat dependent to establishments in the job title of ‘engineer’ is currently unavailable.
  2. Expats working under individual sponsors with the engineering profession on their iqamas cannot transfer their sponsorship to companies.

What about other professions?

It should be noted that the transfer of sponsorship has not been banned for the people having any other profession on their iqama. They can easily transfer their sponsorship from one employer to another.

In addition to that, the HRSD Ministry has stopped the Saudi Council for Engineers from hiring engineers with less than 5 years of experience. 

SCE Test

Moreover, all the new engineers will have to pass a Test for Engineers to get membership in the Saudi Council of Engineers which is a mandatory step to getting an Iqama in Saudi Arabia.

According to an estimate, there are almost 200,000 engineers working in Saudi Arabia out of which 80% are expats.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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