Labor court orders dues payment to 90 workers of a company

The Labor court in Jeddah strictly ordered the owner of a closed tourist resort to clear all the dues of 90 employees he hired for operating his resort. 

The employees and workers belonged to several Asian and other Arab countries. The workers included laborers, electricians, plumbers, architects, and cooks while some belonged to other professions.

When the owner failed to pay their salary and ended up closing his tourist resort, the workers appealed to the labor court after which the court issued its verdict against the owner of the closed resort.

The workers filed a lawsuit against the tourist park resort owner for their pending salaries. After listening to the arguments of both parties,  the court finally announced the verdict.

According to the verdict, the owner is bound to pay the delayed salary of each and every worker. Moreover, he also has to pay the end of service benefits, fee for the renewal of Iqama, vacation balance, and their travel tickets.

A large number of laborers and workers of the resort thanked the Saudi labor court and also expressed their gratitude towards the Saudi judiciary for issuing a justified statement. They said the justification by the labor court paved their way for their salary and dues clearance.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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