Labor Court awards SR 1 million to a terminated Nurse in Riyadh

It is said that nearly 13.8 million people are working across the Kingdom in various industries. Labor Courts have been opened all around the country to resolve disputes between employers and employees.

Although the labor cases get a little delay due to enormous pressure on the labor courts, justice is served all the time. One example was presented a few days ago when a Labor Court awarded a sacked employee with SR 1 million.

He was terminated after 4 months of his appointment

This is indeed surprising news for everyone. Everyone is amazed to know the truth, did this really happen? Yes, this really happened in Riyadh. An employee who was contracted under a private company just a few months ago was dismissed just after 4 months of his service.

According to his contract, he was appointed for 3 years. The employee pleaded in the Labor Court for justice.  The Labor Court said that the company had unfairly fired its employee before the expiration of his contract.

The company failed to make a representation to the court

The representative of the company was informed about the dates electronically and called to attend the court hearing. The representative of the private company neither reacted to the order of the court nor attended any of the hearings to defend their company.

After several hearings, the court, at last, passed the verdict and ordered the company to compensate its dismissed employee with SR 1 million along with his unpaid salaries and end-of-service benefits.

Some sources stated that in early ruling the court instructed the female owner of the medical center to pay the unpaid salary to her nurse which was not paid to him for several months and she did not honor the term of the contract.

A step towards the right direction

When the nurse failed to resolve the issue directly with her employer, she filed a case against her employer at the court. The court issued the verdict after several hearings where the defendant failed to appear in the court after several notifications sent to her.

The court ordered the female owner to pay her employee the monthly unpaid salaries which were contracted a year ago.

Although this is the start but positive and potential step to help and benefit the employees. This shows that the Labor Courts have been proven helpful for the labor market and the general public in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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