KSA with 5 countries terminate all relations with Qatar including flights, visa, border and embassy

Saudi Arabia along with 4 other countries Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Libya, and Egypt have terminated all its diplomatic relations with Qatar. In this regard, the UAE has given 48 hours to Qatar Embassy in the Abu Dhabi to leave the country or be ready for the consequences. As we know that the citizens of Gulf Countries can enter to another Gulf country without any visa, the Saudi and UAE government has given only 14 days to all the citizens of Qatar to get out of the respective countries. They will not be allowed to live after this period. Moreover, they are not allowed to enter the Kingdom now. Similarly, Saudi Arabia and UAE has banned all its citizens from crossing Qatar border through any means. However, this 14 days’ ban will not be applied to those Qataris who are in Makkah or Madina. Recommended: Why Saudi Arabia along with 4 countries cut down relations with Qatar?[irp]

It has also been reported that Saudi Arabia is now in negotiations with other countries as well as multinational companies to stop their relations with the Qatar. Saudi Arabia has taken this decision due to various violations committed by Qatar authorities in the preceding years with the aim of creating strife among Saudi internal ranks, undermining its sovereignty and embracing various terrorist and sectarian groups aimed at destabilizing the region, including harboring Muslim Brotherhood, Daesh (so-called ISIS) and Al-Qaeda by means including instigations through its media channels. As they are involved in all this, Saudi Arabia has ordered Qatar troops to get out of the Muslim coalition in Yemen. By the way, Qatar is not the only country where Saudis are banned to travel. There are 6 other countries where Saudis are not allowed to travel. Recommended: Saudis are banned to travel these 7 countries

Al Ahli FC signed the contract with Qatar Airways on October 1, 2014, for three years and earlier this May the club had renewed the deal. However, early in the morning today (June 05, 2017) they have tweeted on the Twitter account that they are stepping back from this contract which will cause heavy losses to the Qatar Airways. 

In the same way, Etihad Airways has also officially stated that they will terminate all its flight to and operate from Qatar from Tuesday, June 6, 2017. It means that all the people who have been traveling with Etihad Airways with a transit to Qatar or direct flights to Qatar should seek Etihad Airways advice to make necessary arrangements. flydubai has also canceled all its flights to Qatar.[irp]

People who have booked Qatar Airways flight with a transit visa to Saudi Arabia or with a transit to Qatar Airports should also contact the Qatar Airways. Qatar Airways is in the process of redirecting and diverting all its flights to abide by the airspace rules – as it can no longer fly over or into Saudi Arabia or the UAE. It also has yet to issue a statement on changes to flights. Moreover, there would be no on arrival visit visa of Qatar for Saudi Iqama Holders. Recommended: On Arrival Visit Visa of Qatar for Saudi Iqama Holders

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