How to read 12 Iqama details? Number, Name etc.

There are 12 details or information in the format of your Iqama such as your name in Arabic and English, Iqama number, ID version, place of issue, date of issue, date of birth, iqama profession, nationality, religion, and the name of the employer. 

  1. Name in English

The first line on your Iqama just above the Iqama number is your name in English. When you receive your card for the first time, make sure that;

  • The name in English is coinciding with the name in Arabic.
  • The spelling of the name on the passport is the same as on the Iqama.

If any of these details are inaccurate, you should return back your residency permit card immediately for rectification. If you are working in some company, do not receive your card unless mistakes are rectified.

Iqama Name in English

  1. Name in Arabic

The second line of information contained in Iqama is your name in Arabic which is written just above the Iqama number. Make sure your name is correct and matching with the English name.

Iqama Name in Arabic

  1. Iqama Number

The third line on your Iqama is your Iqama number written in Arabic numbers. If you analyze the Iqama number format, it is a 10-digits number. An iqama number format is a chronological number issued by Jawazat.  

Iqama Number Format

  1. Iqama ID Version

Iqama ID version shows the number of cards already issued for the employee. Now the residency card is issued for 5 years. So, after 5 years when you will be given a second card, the serial number will be 2 there.

Iqama ID version

  1. Place of Issue

Until 2017, the place of issue used to show the city name from where the residency permit card is issued. But now it only shows “Electronic Services” which means that the card has been issued electronically.

Iqama Place of Issue

  1. Date of Issue

The next line on the face of your Iqama is the date of issue of card and it is written in Arabic according to the Hijri calendar.

It is important to mention here that now the date of expiry is no more printed on Iqama, but it does not mean that there is no expiry date of your iqama.

Iqama Issue Date

  1. Date of Birth

The next line is the date of birth in the Gregorian calendar. The date of birth should match with the Date of Birth written on your passport. Just like the name and number on Iqama, if your date of birth is not matching with your passport, you should return your Iqama for rectification.

Iqama Date of Birth

  1. Iqama Profession

Iqama profession tells other people about the job at which you are working. As per Article 38 of Saudi Labor Law, Iqama profession should match with your actual profession.

Iqama Profession

  1. Nationality

Your nationality determines the attitude of government officials towards you. The treatment of a western expatriate is different from a South Asian expatriate.

Nationality on Iqama

  1. Religion

The religion on your Iqama determines if you can enter the two holy cities of Saudi Arabia namely Makkah and Madina. It is important to mention here that Non-Muslims cannot enter Makkah or Madina.

religion on Iqama

  1. Name of Employer

Name of your employer is written in Arabic here just above the Iqama number written in English. It is illegal to work for someone who is not your employer.

Kafeel name on Iqama

  1. Iqama Number in English

If you cannot read the Iqama ID written in Arabic, don’t worry as we have your Iqama number and name printed in English for you in the same format as Arabic. It is normally written on the left bottom corner of the card.

Iqama number in English

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