Saudi Arabia to build King Salman mosque in Islamabad

King Salman has approved a project with the name King Salman mosque in the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad.

Location: King Salman mosque will be built in the new campus of the International Islamic University (IIU) located in the H10 sector of Islamabad.

Cost: The total cost of the project is expected to be $32 million.

  • $32 million = SR 120 million.
  • $32 million = PKR 5 billion.

King Salman mosqueCapacity: The mosque will have two prayer halls with a total capacity of 12,500 people.

  • Prayer Hall 1: 4,000 men with 4,500 square meters.
  • Prayer Hall 2: 2,000 women with 2,300 sq meters.
  • Outdoor Yards: 6,000 people with 4,500 square meters.
  • Conference Hall: 500 people with 2,800 square meters.

Museum: The mosque will have a museum in it with the name King Salman Museum with the size of 2,200 sq meters.

Library: In addition to that, a library will be built in the name of King Salman with the size of 2,800 sq meters.

Conference Hall: It also has a conference hall named after Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, in addition to administrative facilities and ancillary services.

Outdoor Gardens: The mosque overlooks an outdoor garden of 8,500 square meters, while a parking space of 7,000 square meters has been allocated.

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