Saudi Arabia partially lifts curfew except in 4 cities

King Salman has ordered to lift the curfew restrictions partially across the Kingdom starting from Sunday, April 26, until May 13.

As a result of this, the residents of all cities are allowed to go out from 9 am to 5 pm without any curfew restrictions. However, there are some districts of 4 cities where the 24-hour curfew is still implemented.

Makkah districts under 24-hour curfew

  1. District Al-Naksa.
  2. District Hosh Bakr.
  3. District Al-Hujun.
  4. District Al-Masafi.
  5. District Al-Masfalah.
  6. District Ajyad.


Jeddah districts under 24-hour curfew

  1. District 14 km south.
  2. District 14 km north.
  3. District Al Mahjar.
  4. District Ghulail.
  5. District Al Qurayyat.
  6. District Kilo 13.
  7. District Petromin.


Madina districts under 24-hour curfew

  1. District Al-Sheribat.
  2. District Bani Zafar.
  3. District Qurban.
  4. District Juma.
  5. District Iskan.
  6. District Bani Khudra. 


Dammam districts under 24-hour curfew

  1. Al-Atheer district.

Saudi Arabia has also allowed opening shopping malls, wholesale and retail shops starting from April 29 until May 13. However, certain shops within malls like beauty parlors, barber salons, gyms, cinemas, and restaurants will continue to remain closed.

Contracting companies and factories are also allowed to resume their activities “without restrictions on time, according to the nature of their business.”

There is a fine of SR 10,000 for violating the curfew rules in Saudi Arabia;


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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.