King Salman grants Saudi Nationality to 14 professions

King Salman has issued a Royal Decree allowing certain high-skilled professionals with unique expertise and specializations to obtain Saudi Citizenship.

However, no official reports are claiming whether this scheme also comprises the nationalization of non-Muslim professionals. 

List of Professions who can get the Saudi Nationality

The issued royal decree stated the list of professionals that would be nationalized. The list of professionals in different disciplines includes;

1-Islamic Scholars.

2-Nuclear experts.

3-Experts in renewable energy and medicines.

4-Computer scientists.


6-Experts in oil and gas industries.

7-Artificial intelligence experts.

8-Sports and arts personalities.



11-Forensic Experts.

12-Medical Experts.

13-Agriculture Experts.

14- Scientists in desalination technology.


Besides this, it also includes different scientists who can help in expediting development in the Kingdom.

First 5 expats who got Saudi Nationality

Here are the profiles of the first 5 expats who got Saudi Nationality under this royal decree. You can check their profiles and assess if you have any chance of getting the nationality.

First 5 expats who got Saudi Nationality

This scheme was launched in 2016 confirming the Saudi Vision 2030 that aims to draw the attention of different creative people from around the world to come and work in the Kingdom.

It also aims to diversify the oil-dependent country and promote its national development in order to benefit the Kingdom and its citizens.

Source: Arab News, Gulf News

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