King Salman gifts car and house to the father who lost 6 children in an accident

In Saudi Arabia, a large number of deaths are caused by road accidents. Saudi Government is trying to solve this issue by providing the public with better road facilities and monitoring system but still, nobody can put a complete end to the accidents although it will help to prevent further tragic accidents.

A very tragic car accident happened on the Sabya road in Jazan on Tuesday which made a Saudi citizen Sami bin Mohammad Ali Al-Nami to suffer a lot throughout his life, as he lost seven members of his family, his six children, and his wife.

It was reported that the horrific accident took place due to the excavation work on the road where the car collided with the heavy truck, the two drivers survived the accident. This is indeed a shocking and dreadful incident that could never be forgotten and the wounds will always remain unhealed.

Al-Nami was unable to get stable and was still in shock. He said I lost seven lives in a split of a second. Now, I have only regrets. I wish I could die with them.

He further talked about his deceased kids and said his son Yahya was a 12th-grade student, Mamdouh was in 9th standard, Hajer was in Class 6, Rym was in 5th grade, Sara was in Kindergarten while his youngest son Usama just started the school this year.

He said he had only one son left, Mohammad. Mohammad said his stricken father is still in shock and shifted to the hospital to treat his broken collarbone. He further said, his father went silent and did not talk about the accident ever since

A picture of Al-Nami sitting inside the mosque in front of seven corpses of his beloved family ahead of the funeral prayer went viral on social media. Nobody could ever understand the pain and feelings Al-Nami was going through.

People messaged him paying sympathy and condolence. The funeral prayer of Al-Nami’s family was offered on Wednesday, a day after their death and they were buried in Abu al-Salaa village.

The funeral was attended by the town’s residents, police and municipality officials. After the news of the bereaved father went Viral, Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz ordered to support Al-Nami for his great loss. He ordered to aid him with a house and a car.

Moreover, residents of Al-Jazan expressed anger that despite they filed several complaints about poor road condition, the absence of lights and threatening presence of trucks, the road authorities did not take any step to maintain the road situation.

This has caused lot of accident due to movement of heavy trucks carrying mountainous rocks. The residents said they now hope for better roads conditions and infrastructure following the special national attention generated by the tragic accident. 

Source: Al Arabiya

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