King Salman declares SR 1 million for each martyred and SR 500,000 for each injured

By now, all of us know about the sad incident of Makkah which took place last week and took the life of 111 people and more than 331 were injured. Most of these people came from different countries to perform Hajj. The pressure of the wind on that day was around 60km per hour. Makkah has never witnessed a sandstorm with that high pressure. A crane could not sustain that pressure and fell. Anyway, it was a natural disaster and one has nothing to say a lot about it. The steps taken by the Saudi government to compensate the victims of the Makkah incident are remarkable. Recommended: How Crane fell down in Makkah and took 111 lives and left 394 injured?

King Salman, the custodian of the two holy mosques went himself to the affected area and monitored the rescue work and ordered an independent inquiry. As per the initial results of the inquiry, the Bin-Laden Group is observed to be partially responsible for the crane crash. Pending completion of the investigation, all members of the Board of Directors of bin Laden Group, as well as Bakr bin Mohammed bin Laden and senior executives in the group and others connected with the project are banned from leaving the kingdom, said the royal court order.

King Salman went to the hospitals to attend the patients. King Salman also ordered the free medical aid to every injured person of the Makkah Incident. King Salman has also given orders to buy special vehicles for the injured and handicapped victims of the Makkah incident. These automatic special vehicles will ease up the performance of Hajj for them. Refer King Salman Orders Special Vehicles for Hajis injured in Makkah Incident. If King Salman is doing all this for the injured people, how could he skip the one who is martyred? Today, it has been published in the news that King Salman has declared;

  • SR 1,000,000/- compensation ($266,667) compensation for each martyr of Makkah Incident
  • SR 1,000,000/- compensation ($266,667) compensation for every injured whose injury resulted in permanent disability
  • SR 500,000 compensation for every injured person even if injury is just a scratch on his shoulder

No one can bring back the loss of a human being. Obviously, King Salman cannot bring back the lives of those people. But he is doing everything to financially support the legal heirs and families of deceased people so that they can spend a normal life. An amount of SR 305,500,000/- ($81.5 million) will be paid to the legal heirs of the deceased and injured people of Makkah incident. It is reported that this amount will be charged by the Saudi government to the contractors of the Haram expansion project.

Now a question arises, how the legal heirs of the Makkah incident claim this amount from the government? The procedure has not been established by the Saudi Government yet but Saudis will be required to contact Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia. However, foreigners will be required to process their claim through their respective embassies. Embassies will be governed with the responsibility to make sure that the amount is paid to the legal dependents of the victims.[irp]

If you have lost someone in this incident and you are living in your home country, you need to contact your foreign office to ask them about the procedure to claim this money. Normally, this procedure is adopted to get Death Compensation.

Source: Arab News

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