3 Public Holidays on Founding Day

King Salman has announced 3 days of holidays on Founding Day for government employees in Saudi Arabia (Feb 22 to Feb 24) i.e. 1 founding day holiday + 2 weekend days.

However, this announcement does not apply to a few sectors, such as;

  • Health Sector.
  • Armed forces, including the police.
  • Banking sector.
  • Subcontracted Employees.

Private Sector Employees

However, for private sector employees, it will be just two holidays on Feb 22 and Friday, Feb 23, as per Royal Decree No. (A/90) dated 8/27/1412 A.

If you are one of those private employees who enjoy a 2-day weekend, you can enjoy a long weekend of 3 days.

Difference b/w Sep 23 and Feb 22

The official National Day is still on Sept. 23, which signifies the unification day of all of Saudi Arabia’s regions under King Abdulaziz.

The nation’s Founding Day is a new event to commemorate the deep historical roots of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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