Kerala students in India wave Pakistani flag in protest

It has been reported that the students in Kerala have waved a large flag that looks identical to the flag of Pakistan which created a stir in the social circles of Saudi Arabia. Kerala is a state of India which is located at the southwestern Malabar Coast.

Everyone living in Saudi Arabia knows very well the relationship between the two governments of Pakistan and India. Pakistan and India have fought 3 wars with each other. They have been threatening each other on using nuclear weapons.

On 29th of August, the students who belonged to the Muslim Students Front (MSF) of the Perambra silver college waved a large flag which looked similar to the flag of Pakistan. They were taking out a procession, which was a part of the union elections being held inside their campus.

Considering the relationship between the two countries, you can understand how dangerous it could be for anyone to wave the flag of an enemy country. 

However, the students have made it clear that they have waved the flag of the MSF and not of Pakistan. The flag was large in size and thereby resembled that of Pakistan. All this created confusion.

According to sections 143, 147, 153 and 149 of the IPC, all the students of MSF have been booked. The police say that they are carrying out further investigations. The police are keen to identify all the students from the video which has been making rounds on social media.

Whatever is said by the Indian state or media, even a blind person watching this video can recognize that it is a Pakistani flag. Have a look at the below photo of Pakistani flag and try to compare it with the one shown in the video.

5330 Kerala students in India wave a Pakistani flag in protest 01

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