Why is the Kaaba Kiswah raised before Hajj?

The raising of Kiswah

Kiswah is the name given to the cover of the Holy Kabah. Each year, before Hajj, the Kiswah is raised 3 meters so that it could be protected from damages.

During the Hajj, pilgrims try to touch the Holy Kaaba which may damage the Kiswah as some people even try to pluck out the threads. Some people even try to tear the Kiswah to take the blessed piece along with them.

The Ihram of Kabah

Every year, on or after 15 Dhul Qadah, the Kiswah is raised. A white cloth is wrapped around the Kabah symbolizing that the Holy Kaaba has its Ihram on it. 

In past, the kiswah was raised in a way that the white cloth would be revealed, yet now, a separate cloth is wrapped around the Holy Kabah.

Why the Kiswah was not raised in 2020?

As the Hajj season starts, the kiswah is lifted by 3 meters on the15th Dhul Qadah.

However, it was not raised during the year 2020. There were only 1,000 people who performed Hajj in 2020 and therefore, the authorities did not feel the need to raise it.

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