Saudi Court awards SR 4.3 million to an expat for illegal detention

A Jordanian was awarded SR 4.3 million because he was detained unlawfully for an extended period!  The reason behind this was that the prisoner was held three years longer than his sentence time.

The Prisoner had been sentenced to only a year of imprisonment but the prison did not allow him to be released saying that his case was still pending. 

The prisons are just supposed to follow the orders of the court without using their own thought. Prisons are just used for serving time for the committed crime and nothing more. Prisons have no right to extend someone’s sentence time or release someone before their time.

The Claimed Money

The Lawyer of the defendant had claimed for SR 15 million. That would mean he is asking for nearly SR 15,000 for each day he spent in the prison walls unlawfully!

However, the court has granted him around SR 4,000 per day which means SR 120,000 per month. 

SR 4.3 Million is a lot of money especially for someone who just got out of jail. Maybe the family of the victim can now have a good start to a new life with the return of their family member.

This money should be used as a kick start for maybe something good. I hope that now Jordanian guy stays out of prison for a long time. And let this be a warning to all, do not go to prison thinking that you’ll be rewarded too. This isn’t the safest way to make money!

Source: Arab News

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