Joke turned serious, Saudi man ends up taking the 2nd wife

The young man was attending the engagement ceremony of his sister while having fun with his friends; he made a bet that he can remarry any girl of his choice anytime.

His friends dared him by pointing an old man, that he can’t and if he can, should go out and ask for that old man to give him the hand of his daughter.

Boosting his friends, the man took the challenge and went out to win the bet asking the old man respectfully that he want him to marry his daughter with the young man.

The old man was completely shocked by the proposal and could not say anything for a while. The young man continued to ask him as he wanted to win the bet at any cost.

The old man did not reply to him and approached the religious man to start proceeding with another marriage along with the engagement ceremony.

Out of shock and surprise, the young man started denying his proposal and went quiet straight telling him the reason why he placed his proposal for the old man’s daughter.

The old man did not bother about it and asked him to marry his daughter as he made the proposal himself.  The young man remained stunned and found himself helpless for the proposal.

He ended in telling the old man that he has no intention to get married again; neither has he had the money for a dowry. 

He contented him by waiving the dowry demand which led no reason left for refusal of proposal further for the young man. Finally, he agreed to his words and married the young lady which started with a bet.

It also indicates the increasing rate of spinsterhood in Saudi Arabia. The increasing ratio of unmarried aged women has made their Mahram worried about the future of their daughters and sisters.

Source: Riyadh Connect

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