Jeddah’s Andalus Underpass: The driver survived miraculously

The driver of a pickup vehicle survived a terrible accident and the people cannot deem it less than a miracle. The video shows that the driver of the pickup vehicle was on the Jeddah’s Andalus tunnel when his car deviated and was about to fall from the concrete barriers.

Luckily, his car remained suspended over the concrete barriers and did not fell. He was rescued and is as well. The car, however, is damaged. According to the Traffic Accident sections of Jeddah Governate, the car has suffered from damages, while the driver is safe.

The incident, however, has raised concern: is that a safe route? Can a car easily fall off from there? Shall authorities make it safer or shall it remain as it is? Can authorities assure that no such incident would occur in the future?

However, we urge all our fellows to be careful while driving you cannot always be lucky!

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