Jeddah restaurant shutdown for cooking food in toilet

The Jeddah municipality has sealed a restaurant for cooking food in the bathroom violating health protocols for restaurants.

The restaurant which was serving Asian food and had been opened just recently. During the raid by Jeddah municipality, the restaurant was found preparing the meat in the bathroom.

The authorities caught them cutting kinds of meat and vegetables on the floor of the bathroom, while they were using a nearby apartment for the sake of rotating shifts of employees.

The report also claims that the inspection teams have been able to find also dirty utensils, register low cleanliness standards among the workers at the place.

The restaurant that had much publicity and hype even had cockroaches roaming around the kitchen.

The utensils have been seized while the restaurant has been shut down. Also, around 600kg of food was destroyed by the authorities as it was found unfit for consumption by humans.

Source: Gulf News

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