Jeddah Police arrests party goers for drinking alcohol

Viral footage that made rounds on social media shows that a party was hosted in Jeddah where men and women were seen partying there and taking alcohol shots.

Suadi Police became active after the video went viral. Jeddah flagpole was clearly visible in the background of the video.

How did the Jeddah police catch them?

Jeddah police used the direction from the flagpole and the angle in which the video was filmed to track the location of the place where the party took place.

A special task force was set to identify the people who had broken one of the vital laws of Saudi Arabia. The task force was able to identify most of the individuals seen partying and drinking alcohol together.

The main suspects have been arrested

The host of the party, a Jordanian expat has been arrested. Three females, who are Lebanon nations, have also been arrested.

Source: Independent UK

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