Jeddah court terminates sponsorship transfer contract

The General Court in Jeddah terminates a contract for the transfer of sponsorship of a worker between two Saudi nationals. The case has been referred to the public prosecution.

The woman sponsor has been directed by the court to refund SR 30,000 received as an advance to the restaurant owner for the transfer of one of her employee’s sponsorship to the restaurant.

What was the dispute?

Both the Saudi woman Kafeel and the restaurant owner had agreed to pay SR 60,000 for the transfer of sponsorship of one of their workers.

The restaurant owner paid SR 30,000 in advance, while the rest was to be made in installments.

The worker started working for the restaurant owner without transferring the sponsorship. However, after 2 months he left the job saying that he has been directed by the woman as she hasn’t received the installments.

Upon this, the restaurant owner approached the court to legally terminate the contract and get the refund of the advance paid.

The court initially tried to settle the matter between the two, yet as they were not ready to settle it out, the court terminated the contract.  

It is a human trafficking case

These practices are against the labor freedom and put the esteem of the worker at stake, therefore they are referred to as crimes of trafficking and considered as a criminal violation of the Human Rights Law.

The criminals involved in human trafficking are awarded imprisonment of a maximum of 15 years or a maximum fine of SR 1 million or both.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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