Jail for parents if a child skips school for 20 days

Saudi Citizens and Iqama holders can go to Jail if their child stays absent from school for 20 days without a valid reason. 

Why such a rule?

This law ensures that all children living in Saudi Arabia have the fundamental right to education. It also means that parents must send their children to school. They cannot keep them away from the school by their choice.

What is the process?

Saudi child protection law states that the guardians shall be inquired if they cannot send their child to school for 20 days or more.

The school principal must report the absentee cases to the education department so that the inquiry against the parents/guardians can occur.

The family care department will hear the case once the school has reported to the respective education department. It shall call on the student and inquire about being absent from the school.

The parents shall present to the prosecution for investigation. Once the investigation is completed, the prosecutors shall refer the case to the court.

Judges can serve parents/guardians with imprisonment if they are found guilty of negligence about the student’s absence.

How to avoid it?

Saudi citizens and Iqama holders need to inform the school of the reason for the absence of their children from their schools. Otherwise, the school must notify the Ministry of Education about it.

Source: Gulf News

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