It is your national duty to rape women wearing short clothes – Jailed for 3 years

Sometimes, people tend to amuse other. They opt for acts and statements that are indeed shocking. Sometimes, what matters is the profile of the person who is acting or making a statement. For instance, a really pathetic statement coming from an educated and well-groomed personality will certainly shock you.

People got shocked when they recently heard a famous cleric saying that women have a quarter of a brain. If it had been said by someone else, it might not have that much-sparked outrage as it did because it came from a famous religious personality.

Here we have with you yet another shocking statement. A statement that has caused outrage not only in Egypt but the rest of the world! An Egyptian lawyer made a statement on national TV regarding harassing and raping women.

When one sees a combination of words, lawyer, women, and rape, it clicks to mind that the lawyer must have spoken in favor of women and must have condemned harassment of women. Nevertheless, this Egyptian lawyer, named Nabih Al Wahsh, did not speak in favor of women.

He rather declared that those women who wear jeans that are ripped should be raped. In fact, it is the national duty of men to rape such women. He argued that such clothing is meant to invite men and thereby men should follow the call.

Women who show off their body parts are inviting men and thereby men should sexually harass and rape them. These women deserve to be raped. Men should feel that it is their national duty to do so!  Wahsh was invited as one of the guests on the Infrared show.

The show is aired on a channel named Al Assema. The quiet famous show is hosted by Saeed Hassanein. The day Wahsh was invited, the topic of the discussion was the law which is being drafted to fight against prostitution and inciting debauchery.

While the very topic was being discussed, the guests got heated up. Wahsh made these statements and shocked them. When the show got aired, people could not believe what they heard. The people around Egypt started to show their anger against the statements on social media.

The activists in the country stepped in. many condemned his statements while rest went forward to lodge a complaint against him. Doctor Maya Mursi, who is the head of the National Council for Women, called that such statements are shameful.

She said that the lawyer has violated the constitution of the country. The country’s constitution protects women from violence and asking openly men to rape them is a criminal act. Mursi said that she is surprised to hear such a statement coming from a lawyer.

This is not the first time Mr. Wahsh has been involved in such kind of nonsense activities. Earlier in the year, he was highlighted all over the world for throwing a shoe on the Imam of Sydney as he could not bear his point of opinion.

The lawyer is there to defend victims, restore and protect their rights and freedom. What type of lawyer is this man, who is calling for violation of rights? She assured that the National Council for women will be lodging a complaint against Wahsh and Al Assema with the attorney general while a complaint about media regulation has already been made with the Supreme Council.

Wahsh, however, argues that women should respect themselves. They must protect morals as protecting them is much more important than defending borders! An Egyptian court sentenced him to three years in prison, a judicial source said.

 Source: Al Arabiya

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