Islamic Meaning: Hearing animal voices in a dream

Hearing the loud voices of animals in a dream could have different meanings in Islam, depending on the animals. Here are the details;

1- According to Ibn Sirin رحمة الله عليه, the most incredible dream interpreter of Islam, hearing cool and calm sounds means that one will get a piece of bad news.

Whining of Horses

2- Hearing the whining of horses 🐎 in a dream means getting good news.

Braying of Donkey

3- Hearing the braying noise of a donkey 🦓 in a dream means that one’s own enemy will come to them for a favor. Also, it has been narrated in the Holy Qur’an that among the worst voices is the donkey’s voice.

Camels bleat

4- The voice of a camel 🐪 in a dream indicates going to Hajj or having a great profit in the business.

Bleating Goat

5- The bleating voice of a she-goat 🐏 in a dream indicates that one will attain blessings and good fortune from an elderly person.

6- If you hear the bleating voice of a baby goat in a dream, it means that the dreamer will attain good news, be blessed with favors, or get married.

Lion’s Roar

7- The roaring voice of a lion 🐆in a dream means that the king will be fearful and forgiving of them.

Growling of cheetah

8- The growling voice of the cheetah 🐆in a dream is interpreted as a fight inflicted upon the dreamer.

If the cheetah is giving out a screaming voice, then such a dream means that someone will be angry with the dreamer.

Barking of Fox

9- Hearing the barking sound of the fox 🦊 in a dream means that one will get victory over one’s enemy.

Howling of wolf

10- Hearing the howling sound of a wolf 🐺 in a dream means facing sorrow at the hands of the women.

Islamic Meaning: Hearing animal voices in a dream

Howling of Jackal

11- Hearing the howling screams of a jackal 🐩 in a dream indicates that the dreamer is a liar and a fraud.

Meow of cats

12- Hearing the meo noise of cats 🐈 in a dream is interpreted as fear of the thief.

Clucks of Ostrich

13- Hearing the clucks of ostrich in a dream would reflect that he will gain news about the (whereabouts) of someone hiding from them.

Clucks of Chicken

14- Hearing the clucking of chickens 🐓and owls in dreams indicates terrible news.

Pigeon Chirping

15- Hearing a mountainous 🕊️ pigeon making a chirping noise in a dream reflects that he will listen to the voice of a pious lady.

16- However, if many pigeons are screaming in the dream, then it means that he will attain news of women who wear veils.

Crow Cawing

17- Hearing crows cawing in a dream means he will listen to or meet a man who earns unlawfully.

Ducks Quacking

18- Hearing ducks🦆 making quacking noises in a dream means one of his family members shall be inflicted with trouble/pain.

19- Hearing the sound of a quacking of a 🐥 duckling,  refers to death and troubles.

Hiss of snake

20- If you hear the hissing sound of a snake 🐍 in your dream, it is commonly interpreted as a sign of experiencing extreme fear or anxiety.

Braying of Mules

21- The sound of braying mules in a dream signifies idle talk or engaging in questionable activities.

Disclaimer: The material used to interpret dreams has been extracted from the Ibn Sirin book for dream interpretations. You can read the book here.

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