Is there a racial hierarchy in Saudi society?

You might have heard that Indian, Pakistanis, and Bangalis are treated like 3rd class citizens in Saudi Arabia. Well, to be true: there does exist a racial hierarchy in Saudi society. Even though this is something not good, yet it does exist, and here is how it works:

1- At the top of the chart, we have Saudis themselves. Of course, it’s their country and they shall be on the top of the list.

2- Wealthy and rich non-Saudis and North Africans. This category is more specific to Muslims as it is a Muslim country.

3- Western Europeans and the North Americans. Only if the South Americans tend to look like whites and possess good jobs, they fall into the very category.

4- South Asians and North Africans are either wealthy or possess white-collar jobs.

5- Sub-Saharan Africans, Filipinos, and South Asians provide their services in the service sector or perform manual labor.

If you look at the hierarchy, you would see that wealth, status, religion, and occupation are what really matter. So, we can safely say that Saudi Arabia is among those countries where socio-economic hierarchy exists rather than a racial one.

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