Is Saudization actually the Racism?

Last updated on May 16th, 2018 at 12:50 pm

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia remains one of the oldest and significant lands in history. Long before Islam spread, the land of the Arabs prevailed was familiar to everyone due to the existence of Holy Kaaba.

Perhaps today it doesn’t cover as much area as before, but it still remains firm and has its roots deep. The Arabs that live in these lands are amongst the richest and will continue to be one of the highly recognized individuals around the globe because of the economic stability of the Kingdom as a whole.

Another strategy that the people of the Kingdom have adapted to over the years is the use of the expatriate force which has kept the economy and welfare of the Kingdom more secure and prosperous than before.

Despite this, there shall always be issues that will prevail. One of the Humanitarian crises that is often brought up and discussed in the United Nations is the issue of racism that has been greatly influenced because of the looks of certain individuals.

If we look at the people within the United States of America, racism yet remains an issue that has no end. Even though the President was himself an African American, throughout the country the differences between white and black are always highlighted merely because the African Americans are in the minority.

Within the Kingdom, Saudization has begun to take fame as a form of racism. This was highlighted in the recent United Nations Conference where spokesman argued that Saudization is just a fancy name given to racism within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Over the years, there has been great controversy amongst the Saudis and the expats who move into the Kingdom for work. Saudis apparently feel that the expats are offered and given jobs and other resources that should first be offered to the Saudis being nationals and rulers of the Kingdom.

Since the Kingdom is their home ground, the expats should be given a second priority. There is no doubt over the fact that there is a large number of Saudis who remain unemployed, much of which is the youth.

These young Saudi minds quarrel thinking that the only reason why they are still unemployed is that the job that should be offered to them is given wrongfully to the members of the expat workforce who are utterly false.

Since the Kingdom is a country that has rules and regulations focused entirely on the religion of Islam, these young Saudi minds should also adhere to the fact that Islam forbids inequality.

Similarly, the jobs that are offered to the expats are sole because they are in need and also are more dedicated and hardworking.

It might be true for most cases on a small level where racism might occur due to the cast or religion of certain individuals, but it is entirely wrong to call Saudization a form of racism within the Kingdom.

This issue is still an important topic since 1997 but is beginning to hit the ground slowly and gradually.

Source: Saudi Gazette


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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.