Is it true that Sun was held back until Hazrat Bilal said Fajr Adhan?

Often when people praise the companion of the Holy Prophet PBUH, Hazrat Bilal R.A, they refer to the instance when the sun was held back from him so that he could recite the Adhan of Fajr.

A frequently quoted incident

They say that Bilal had some pronunciation problem, or his voice was such that Sahabah asked someone else to call the Fajr Adhan. However, when the Adhan was given and after some time the sun should have risen, the sun didn’t.

The companions got worried that it was about time the sun should have shown up. So, they went to the Prophet PBUH and shared the incident. The Prophet PBUH replied that Allah has held back the sun as Bilal has not given the Fajr Adhan. The sun will only show when Bilal would recite the Adhan. Hazrat Bilal R.A recited the Adhan and sun showed up.

Is the incident quoted above true?

It was something that overly excited me. I wanted to know that if it was true. I searched upon it but found nothing. There was not a single proof of this incident. There is no authentic Hadith that supports this incident.

To my surprise, there was not a single weak Hadith either. No fabricated hadith supports that the sun was held back for Bilal R.A to recite Adhan of Fajr.

The sun was not held back for anyone but Yoosha ibn Noon A.S

However, I went through a Hadith that proves that the sun was not held back for anyone but Yoosha ibn Noon. The Prophet PBUH has been reported saying that the sun was only held back for the messenger of Allah named Yoosha ibn Noon.

It is narrated that the Prophet PBUH said that one of the Prophets of Allah were out for a campaign and he reached a town in the afternoon. It was time near to or of Asr prayer.

He looked towards the sun and said that you and I are under the command of Allah Almighty. O Allah let the Sun stop for a while for me. On this Allah held back the sun until the messenger of Allah emerged victoriously. Sahih al-Bukhari 3124

It is narrated in al-Musnad (14/65) that on the day when Yoosha was moving towards Jerusalem, the sun was held back. The sun was not held back for anyone except Yoosha.


It proves that the sun was not held back for anyone except Yoosha Ibn Noon. The reports that claim that the sun was held back for Bilal R.A so that he could recite the Fajr Adhan is wrong as no supportive material are available. There is no proof about the sun being held back for Bilal R.A.

We shall all avoid spreading stories that have no grounds. We shall first search upon it and then talk about it. Spreading a false story is a great sin and may Allah protect us all from sins.  May Allah guide us all!

Source: Islam QA

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