Can house drivers change their iqama profession?

The rules to change the Iqama profession are quite complicated in Saudi Arabia for domestic workers such as house drivers or سائق خاص.

Company Driver Iqama profession

If you are working for a company and the Iqama is also issued by a business establishment, you can easily change your Iqama profession to any other profession such as labor following this process.

House Driver to Domestic Worker

If your Iqama profession is house driver سائق خاص, it means that you are working for an individual person at his home.

In this case, you can easily change your Iqama profession from house driver سائق خاص to any other domestic profession such as Housecleaner or عامل منزلية. The entire process for the change would be followed by your Kafeel.

house drivers profession change in saudi arabia

House Driver to Business Driver

A person hoving the Iqama profession of house driver سائق خاص can change his Iqama profession to be a labor or any other business profession after changing his sponsorship to a business establishment.

house drivers profession change in saudi arabia

If you read the rules related to the transfer of domestic worker sponsorship, it is near to impossible to transfer to a business establishment.

Hence, generally, it is second to impossible for house drivers سائق خاص to change Iqama profession to a business driver or labor in Saudi Arabia.

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