Is it permissible to kill stray dogs in Islam?

Stray dogs are being killed at masses

I was scrolling down through my Facebook when I saw a couple of photos that showed rows of dogs lying dead. I then read the caption which said that these were the stray dogs that were poisoned. Recommended: What are the Islamic teachings related to Dogs?

The cat killer also popped in my mind, everyone hated him on social media for killing cats and he was even tracked down and fined heavily. But what about these dogs killer? Can we simply kill dozens of dogs? Is this what Islam teaches us?

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The opinion of Sheikh bin Baz (late) about killing stray dogs

Sheikh Bin Baz (late) was once questioned about it and his answer was no. He said that a harmless dog shall not be killed.

The Prophet Muhammad PBUH has only allowed us to kill a dog that is dangerous (rabid). Otherwise, the mass killing of dogs is not allowed in Islam.

It was narrated from Salim that his father said: “I heard the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) raising his voice and commanding that dogs be killed, and dogs were killed, except for hunting dogs or dogs kept for herding livestock.” – Sunan Ibn Majah Vol. 4, Book 28, Hadith 3203

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Is killing stray dogs the only solution?

Even though dogs can cause problems on roads, at night while barking or so: is killing stray dogs the only solution? Shall we kill everything that disturbs us? Verily not! We shall be wise enough to come up with a better solution.

I have even seen camels on the highway causing trouble, but I have never seen photos of the mass killing of cats or camels in such a case, then why dogs?

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Islam is a religion of peace and harmony

We often hear the Hadith that proclaims that a prostitute was forgiven for her act of kindness for a dog. She gave water to a dog dying of thirst and saved its life. Allah forgave her for the kind act. Then you say Islam allows you to kill dogs?

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Certainly, Islam provides no such teachings. It is a religion that won’t allow us to kill a sparrow or any other creature without a reason/cause.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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