How to perform Nikah in Makkah/Madina?

If you have ever visited Masjid al-Haram in Makkah or Masjid al-Nabawi in Madina, you must have seen people performing Nikah. How to do it? Are there any companies offering packages?

Saudi Government Approval

The Saudi government has allowed everyone to perform Nikah in Masjid al-Haram in Makkah or Masjid al-Nabawi in Madina on all types of visas. – Gulf News

According to Islamic beliefs, getting married at a mosque is allowed. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ has conducted a Sahabi’s wedding ceremony at a mosque. 

How to perform Nikah in Makkah/Madina?

How to do Nikah in Makkah/Madina?

You must follow this process if you are already in Makkah or Madina and want to perform Nikah in the blessed cities. It involves the following process;

  • Finding a marriage official (Sheikh).
  • Fulfilling all the marriage requirements.
  • Filling out the marriage form.
  • Getting the marriage certificate.
  • Attesting marriage certificate from the Ministry of Justice, MOFA attestation.
  • Get it translated into English.
  • Detailed Process: How can foreigners get married in Saudi Arabia?

How to do Nikah in Makkah/Madina?

Nikah in Madina package

Some people want their Nikah performed in Masjid al-Haram or Masjid al-Nabwi. So, they take an Umrah Visa and a Nikah package, and the whole family comes to Saudi Arabia to perform Nikah.

After the approval of the Saudi government, many tour operators have started offering packages of performing Nikah in Makkah and Madina, where they offer;

  • Nikah with complete registration in Saudi Arabia.
  • Umrah Visa.
  • 5-7 days stay in Madina. 
  • 5-7 days stay in Makkah after the Nikah.
  • One night stay for bride and groom in a five-star hotel.
  • Special Dinner on Walima.
  • Nikah in Madina Package Cost: SR 4,500/person (excluding tickets).

Ensure your package agent registers your Nikah in Saudi Arabia, as the government has allowed you to do so.

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