Is Goji Berry Good For You?

All nutrition and health experts are recommending a diet that has a variety of fruits and vegetables. Berries having both great taste and great health benefits are often recommended by nutritionists and dieticians. They are very popular among health buffs since they are also a very versatile fruit. They can be added to almost anything like salad, cereals, shake, and many more.

All kinds of berries are rich in antioxidants which are essential in fighting the free radicals in our body that cause cell damage. Also, the known nutritional values of consuming berries are high fiber content, vitamin c, and anti-inflammatory properties, among others. Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries are often the most talked-about kinds of berries, but what of Goji berries? What do we know of those bright, festive red fruit?

In traditional Chinese medicine, Goji Berry (Lycium barbarum), also called wolfberries, has been used to treat liver diseases, eye problems, and certain kidney issues. With its introduction into the western world, it was found that Goji Berry has a lot more to offer that can greatly benefit our health. In this article, you will be knowing in depth the reasons why you should go for Goji Berry.

Lowers sugar level

A study published in 2015 by Scientific Papers, Animal Science, and Biotechnologies has found that incorporation of goji berries into your diet can reduce sugar levels in the blood and can help ease the symptoms of those who have Type 2 diabetes. The study covered a seven-week procedure where it showed very positive results.

Anti-aging properties

Aging is a natural body process that we all must go through but with recent studies conducted on mice using goji berry juice, the oxidative damage that the mice received from the high exposure to ultraviolet light has significantly been reduced as compared to the group of mice who received a placebo drink but without goji berry extract on it. The result of the experiment has boosted the confidence of researchers that the goji berry can now be used for human trials. This was also seconded in an article by a trusted health info website, Nody, where it was mentioned that the antioxidants found in Goji berry protect the DNA from cell damage.

Healthy eye preservation

It was mentioned a while ago that goji berry can help with type 2 diabetes but what was also observed was that it appeared to be biologically active for the eyes. Because of its high level of antioxidants particularly that of Zeaxanthin, goji berries can help with age-related eye issues that can cause blindness for older adults.

Reduce Inflammation

The active properties of goji berry have been found to have some profound effect on the mice model used in experiments. Cranberries and blueberries were also used for the experiment cut goji berries have a higher scavenging effect in ridding off free radicals as well as reducing inflammatory symptoms.

In summary, to answer the question of what this article is about, yes, the goji berry is good for you. We cannot emphasize more on its benefits since they have been discussed so whichever fruit you like to include in your daily diet, you should always consider the nutritional value that it can give you but always keep in mind to have these foods in moderation. If in doubt, you can always consult a health expert or your doctor.

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