Expat doctor caught performing abortions for SR 7,000

An expat doctor is caught performing an abortion. She underwent this crime at her clinic which is being run under a private medical complex.

Riyadh Health Department had completed the required investigations which unveil that the doctor had performed the abortion at a famous medical complex. 

She had undergone the abortion in an environment which does not support the required minimum medical and health requirements.

She has violated the safety measures and had put her patient at risk of medical issues and complications. Moreover, she had violated the minimum health requirement criteria inked by Saudi Law.

The investigations reveals that the patient had approached the doctor and the case was finalized for 7,000 riyals.

Is abortion legal in Saudi Arabia?

In general, abortion is illegal in Saudi Arabia. However, there is a slight exception only when;

  1. Abortion becomes necessary to save the life of the female.
  2. Such a pregnancy can pose severe damages to the female’s physical or mental health.

Source: Gulf News

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