Can we renew Iqama while expatriate is out of KSA?

Many people have questioned if the Iqama renewal is possible while expatriate family head or his dependents are outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

Dependents are outside KSA

The Iqama renewal of an expatriate family is possible even if one or all the dependents are outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). However, you need to complete the following requirements;

  1. Payment of Dependent Fee
  2. A certificate issued from the college/university (for the Iqama Renewal of a son above 18 years old).

Family Head is outside KSA

According to the latest announcements made by the Jawazat in Saudi Arabia, now the iqama renewal of a family head who is outside Saudi Arabia is also possible through the Absher platform.

A few years ago, the presence of the whole expatriate family in Saudi Arabia was the requirement to renew the Iqama. In the absence of the online system, authorities used to take an affidavit from the Kafeel of the Iqama holder that his dependents are inside Saudi Arabia.

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