Can I renew Iqama if my dependents are outside Saudi Arabia?

Question by Visitor: I have one query regarding the Iqama renewal of dependents (family Visa). Is it possible to renew the dependents’ visa when they are outside the Country and still the iqama is valid? The iqama is valid up to 20th August 2014 and they are not able to come back to Kingdom by this time. Is it possible to renew the visa when the dependents are outside the Kingdom? In one of the article, you mentioned that it is possible to extend the expired exit-entry after following some formalities. Is there any penalty is applicable the iqama is valid but depends exit-reentry expired and still there they are outside the Kingdom. Is it possible to cancel the dependents family visa when they are outside the Kingdom and their exit-entry already expired?

Answer by Steve: Now, with the improved and updated Ministry of Interior System, employers are able to renew Iqamas of their employees online. When Iqama of an employee is renewed in the system, Iqamas of all the dependents of the employee are also renewed. So, even if your wife or children are outside Saudi Arabia, their Iqamas will be renewed. However, it does not mean that they can stay out of KSA for a long time and the Iqama will be renewed automatically. All the dependent will have to visit Saudi Arabia at least once in 12 months because the maximum validity of Exit Re-Entry Visa is 360 days for dependents.

As far as the second question is concerned, it has been explained in this article. “Procedure after Expiry of Exit Re-Entry Visa”. You can cancel the exit re-entry visa of dependents when they are outside Saudi Arabia. Once the exit re-entry visa is canceled, your family will not be able to enter back to Saudi Arabia. In this way, the visa will be automatically expired.

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