What to do if Iqama is Lost?

If your Iqama or the iqama of your dependent is lost in Saudi Arabia, you need to report it within 24 hours to Jawazat as it cannot be done through Absher online, pay the lost iqama fee applicable in 2019 and visit Jawazat to get a new print unless it is found later.

You should always keep your contact details in the wallet where you keep your Iqama. Sometimes Iqama is lost and someone else finds it. If you have your contact details in it, at least he can contact you and return back your precious thing to you.

If you are caught without having Iqama in your pocket, you will be fined up to SR 3,000 and can be deported from Saudi Arabia. In this article, I have explained the procedure to print the lost iqama of sponsor or dependent and paying the fee applicable in 2019.

What to do if Iqama is Lost?

The first and most important step is to inform your sponsor about the lost Iqama if it is not found after a reasonable search. Keep in mind the below-mentioned procedure to report and print a lost iqama is for the head of the family, the procedure for dependents is explained at the end of this article.

  1. Police Complaint about the lost Iqama

Now, you need to report to the police about the lost Iqama. If you will go yourself, you will be facing many difficulties in registering the report.  Ask your Kafeel or Government Relations Officer (GRO) of your company to come with you for this purpose.

GRO is always Saudi national with some approach to higher authorities, he will register the report. In order to register the report, you will have to write an application explaining how the iqama is lost. This application must be in Arabic.

In 2019, the fee for the loss of Iqama is SR 1,000/- for the first time, SR 2,000 and SR 3,000/- for the second and third time respectively. However, if the Iqama card is stolen and you have provided with a police complaint within 24 hours, this fee is waived off.

  1. Visit Jawazat

Now the next step is to visit Jawazat. Your Kafeel or GRO will have to go to Jawazat and write a letter in Arabic. In this application, he needs to explain how Iqama was lost and where it was lost. Although you have done this activity at the police station you still have to mention it here as well.

So make sure that the letter written by Kafeel or GRO has both of these features in it. The letter must be on the letterhead of the Sponsor, duly signed by the Chamber of Commerce. We have listed down some important points for attestation of documents from the Chamber of Commerce. I would recommend you to read them before personally visiting the chamber of commerce.

  1. The fee for the lost Iqama in 2019

If the remaining Iqama period is one year or little less than this, you will also have to pay one-year Iqama fee i.e. SR 500/-. You can make this payment from your internet banking account.

Kafeel or GRO has to submit this written application along with police report, proof of payment of a fine (SR 1,000) and fee (SR 500), 2 photographs, a copy of passport, a copy of lost Iqama and a filled form to Jawazat. Recommended: Download form 58

If everything goes fine, your Kafeel can get the print of new Iqama on the same day or the next day of submission of all these documents.

What to do if the Iqama of a dependent is lost?

The procedure to report and print a dependent lost iqama is way easier than what has been explained above although there is no option to do it from Absher. You don't need to go there with the GRO of your company as you can do the entire process yourself.

  • One the form is filled, you will be required to take it to the manager who will sign on it.
  • Once it is signed by the manager, he will ask you to take it to the “Naqal Maloomat” counter who will cancel the lost iqama of dependents and stamp on the form.
  • The next step in the process to print the lost iqama of dependents is to go to the section which prints Iqama. You will submit your file along with the copies of old Iqamas and the officer will print the lost Iqama of your dependents immediately.

There is no fine or fee for the printing of a lost iqama for dependents in 2019. We have already explained in another article about the procedure you need to adopt for the replacement of Damaged Iqama.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.