How to get Iqama for newborn? – Born in Saudi Arabia

After your child is delivered inside Saudi Arabia, you need to follow a lengthy procedure to get an Iqama for a newborn baby. However, if the child is born outside Saudi Arabia, you need to follow a separate procedure.

Birth Certificate

The first step is to get a Birth Certificate from the Ministry of Health as well as Civil Affairs. Recommended: How to get a Birth Certificate in Saudi Arabia?

Birth Certificate for the newborn baby iqama

Get a Passport

The next step in the iqama procedure for the newborn baby in Saudi Arabia is to get a passport from your home country’s embassy. In most of the countries, you should apply for a national identity card to get the passport.

passport for the newborn baby Iqama

Insurance for the newborn baby

Your newborn baby is covered on the mother's insurance for one month of birth. 

You can get the insurance for your newborn baby based upon the Birth Certificate issued by the Ministry of Health. There is no need to wait for the Birth Certificate from Ahwal Madani.

Dependent Fee

The next step in the iqama procedure for a newborn baby requires making payment for the dependent fee in Saudi Arabia. Recommended: How to pay the dependent fee online?

Documents required to get iqama for newborn

Make sure you arrange all the below-mentioned required documents to get an Iqama for a newborn baby in Saudi Arabia.

  • Copy of Birth Certificate.
  • Original passport of the newborn + copy.
  • Two photographs.
  • Father's passport copy.
  • Mother's passport copy.
  • Father's Iqama copy.
  • Mother's Iqama copy.
  • Filled Iqama form along with the company stamp on it.
  • Copy of the insurance card of the baby.
  • Payment proof of the paid dependent fee.
  • SR 1,000 fine if you are applying for Iqama after 12 months of birth.
  • Original Marriage Certificate duly attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs if your wife is not under your sponsorship.

Iqama form for newborn

The Iqama form needs to be filled in the Arabic language. If you don't want to fill it yourself, agents sitting in front of the Jawazat building will do the job for SR 20.

Iqama form for newborn baby

Visit Jawazat

Finally, you need to visit the Jawazat office along with all the required documents mentioned above. In some regions, you need to book an appointment to visit Jawazat.

We have shared the location of Jawazat offices in some major cities which you need to visit to get the Iqama for a newborn baby.

Submit all the documents there and the Iqama for a newborn baby delivered inside Saudi Arabia will be issued in 10 minutes.

Jawazat Jeddah office to issue iqama for newborn baby

Final exit without newborn Iqama

Many people have questioned me if they can get a final exit visa without preparing for the newborn baby Iqama. Well, if both the parents have Iqama in Saudi Arabia, the newborn baby delivered inside Saudi Arabia cannot get a final exit without preparing for newborn baby Iqama.

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