Iqama fee arrears to be paid by the ex-employer

HRSD Ministry has announced that the new employer is no longer required to pay the Iqama fee and Maktab Amal fee arrears of employees at the time of Iqama transfer.

Current Practice

Currently, if the Maktab Amal fee or the Iqama Renewal fee for an employee is not paid by the old employer for some time, the new employer or the employee himself pays for it at the time of Iqama transfer.

New Practice

As per the amendment, the Iqama fee, Maktab Amal Fee, and penalties for delaying the Iqama renewal are now the liability of the previous employer. 

The Qiwa platform of the HRSD ministry thereby is implementing the new laws and thus charging the fee from the ex-employers of the workers.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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