Invest in Saudi Real Estate to get Premium Residency

Saudi Arabia has launched a premium residency program for foreigners against an investment of SR 4 million in real estate.

If you do not have SR 4 million to invest, you can still buy one residential property in Saudi Arabia as an expat. 


The following are the requirements to apply for the Saudi Premium Residency by investing in real estate.

  • Valid Passport.
  • Medical test.
  • Valid Iqama (for Iqama holders).
  • Investment of SR 4 million.
  • Fee: SR 4,000.

Benefits of Saudi Premium Residency

Saudi Premium Residency comes with many benefits, such as;

  1. Premium residency to spouse and all children under 25.
  2. Conduct business in Saudi Arabia.
  3. There is no dependent fee for family members.
  4. Travel without an exit reentry visa.
  5. Own Real Estate in your name in Saudi Arabia.
  6. Iqama transfer without any transfer fee.
  7. Hosting and inviting relatives.

Saudi Premium Residency with Real Estate Investment

Foreigners are eligible to get the Saudi Premium Residency if they invest in real estate as per the following terms;

  • Minimum Investment: SR 4 million.
  • Property must be free from mortgage.
  • The property cannot be mortgaged even in the future.
  • The property is purchased without any financing.
  • The real estate must be residential.
  • The real estate must be fully developed. It is not allowed to buy a piece of plot and develop it to get the Saudi Premium Residency.
  • The property valuation must be approved by an evaluator registered with Taqeem.


The Saudi Premium Residency obtained by investment in real estate will remain valid until the property remains under your ownership.

  • Apply for premium residency from this link.

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