The meaning: Dream of being a Slave

Seeing a dream of being bought, sold, or work as a slave is a terrifying experience and it has a special meaning in Islam.

Being a Slave in a dream

If you see yourself being a slave in a dream, it could have different meanings; 

  • He would borrow a lot of money.
  • The interest of his loans may become a burden upon his family.
  • He will have to work for the people who lent him money to pay their debt.
  • The person might develop some severe illness which would deteriorate his health.

meaning of dream about being a slaveSeeing yourself being captured and enslaved by your enemy means that embarrassment and slavery obedience.

Serving someone as a slave

Seing yourself being a slave to a recognized person in a dream means that he would be blackmailed by that person.

Being sold as a slave

  • If one sees himself/herself being sold as a slave in a dream to a man, it means something bad or worrisome will happen.
  • If one sees himself/herself being sold as a slave in a dream to a woman, it means that he will be treated kindly and honorably.
  • If an unmarried woman sees herself being sold in a dream, then she would marry the person she is sold to.

Buying and selling a slave

  • Buying a slave in a dream means that the person will be burdened with grief and sorrow.
  • Whereas selling a slave would mean that his stress will be released. 
  • If a man sells his own wife in the dream, then it means that they would get divorced.

Disclaimer: The material used for the interpretation of dreams has been extracted from the Ibn Sirin book for dream interpretations. You can read the book here.

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